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Wrapping up 2017 – Roth IRA Conversion and Book List

2017 is almost done.  Did you have a great year? I look forward to 2018.  The New Year always brings me hope and excitement.  Part of the reason is that, I love spring.  It’s the season when it gets warmer, flowers start blooming, and trees and grass become green. I have retired for 2.5+ years.  Life has been very good.  One day I was at a doctor’s office. ...


My Book “Dad’s Bicycle” and Life in China

After retiring in 2015, I always wanted to write something about the place I grew up.  I wanted the world to know about that remote village in northern China, as that’s part of who I am.  Finally my mini-memoir “Dad’s Bicycle” was published on Amazon last year. The village I grew up is totally different from Beijing or Shanghai.  The life there is still primitive.  There is no...


Why I’m learning Spanish?

Have you watched the UniVision on TV?  It’s a Spanish channel in US, and is carried by some cable providers.  I’m always fascinated and curious:  why the people in those programs are so happy?  What are they laughing about?  Why are they talking so fast?  Are they in a hurry?  This is the start point I decided to learn Spanish. I started four years ago after leaving the...