Don’t wait for others to buy flowers for you

Finally my favorite season spring is here.  Flowers started blooming.  The daffodils in my yard are smiling, and the tulips are catching up.  Today I’m going to talk about flowers.

I love fresh flowers.  What about you?

Many ladies like it, too.  Once a while, I heard some comments from my female friends: “I don’t remember when it was the last time my husband bought flowers for me.”  It sounded that happened a long time ago.

It’s very nice to receive flowers from our loved ones.  But, even if you don’t receive it that often, don’t be sad or disappointed.  You are still being loved, in a different way, I guess.

On the other hand, if flowers really bring you joys, don’t wait for others to buy flowers for you.  That’s too late.  Have you thought about buying flowers for yourself?

Lately I started getting flowers for myself.  Why?  That’s because I become happier when seeing flowers around.  It reminds me that, life is beautiful in many ways.  Don’t fuss over the trivial things.

Buying stuff usually is not a great topic in this FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community.  People talk more about saving, investing, and living frugally.  Some could argue that, fresh flowers won’t last long (probably 10 to 14 days), and it’s totally wasting the money.  I don’t feel that way.  Here is why:

  • Flowers don’t have to cost that much. I usually get it from Kroger or WalMart, and it’s around $5, the price of a hamburger.  But, it’s much prettier, and lasts longer than a hamburger.
  • Getting flowers for myself once a while is a way to take care of myself first. Flowers calm me down, and slow life down so I have time to smell it.  The benefit is priceless.

Every year, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars showering our loved one with gifts and stuff.  Not many times we think of gifting ourselves.  Is it really necessary to gift ourselves?  Do we deserve gifts from ourselves?  Absolutely!  We work so hard every day.

Take me as an example. Theoretically I could continue the 4-year retirement life.  But I decided to go back to work part time to make more money.  I got to reward myself for the hard work I did, and don’t feel guilty for treating myself well.

Let me share some stories related to flowers:

  • According to CNBC, Barbara Corcoran hates wasting money—but she has 2 guilty pleasures.  One of them is flowers.
  • Late 2018 when I lived at my mom’s place in China, the 100 days were very hard to go through, mainly because that village is very remote and backward without running water.  Even in that tough time, I didn’t forget to buy some fresh flowers for myself.  It gave me some peace and hope.
  • When I was in Beijing, right before coming back to US, I bought some flowers for my friend.  I was catching the night metro back to her place in a hurry.  The flowers in my hands triggered a good conversation.  Nowadays, the people in the metro in Beijing are so self-absorbed to the smart phones.  They become sort of zombies, and don’t know or care about the surroundings anymore.

Interestingly, the stranger lady sitting next to me started talking.  She was close to my age.  So impressed by the beauty of those flowers, she told me in a sad tone: “You know what?  Ladies are just like flowers.  You are so pretty in the 20s.  Then without your notice, the youth and beauty are slipping away.  It breaks my heart.  That’s why I don’t buy flowers.”  Her life reflections got some nods from several ladies close by.  I had to laugh about the thought.

  • Today while shopping at WalMart for groceries, I got myself some red carnations (shown in the top picture).  At the checkout, the lady behind me asked: “Are those roses or carnations?  Where did you get them?  They are so pretty.”  I pointed to the direction, and told her that, I bought those for myself.  And no shame to continue bragging about it: it’s only five bucks.  She showed some admiration and confusion: “For yourself?”  I said: “Yeah, why not?”

To summarize, if you love flowers, don’t wait for someone to buy it for you.  Just get it for yourself.  That’s what I did, and it definitely brightened my days.

I can’t wait to smell the roses and other flowers again this year.  What about you?  Do you like flowers?  Do you usually buy flowers for yourself?  Why?

Enjoy the spring!

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8 Responses

  1. Cool that you’re back to posting each week!

    We like to have some flowers in our living room, and get inexpensive ones fairly often. But I sometimes splurge on a bouquet from one particular flower shop since I really love their style (they’re quite a drive from our home, so it really is a rare treat. Which is probably a good thing frugal-wise ;-)).

    • Retire Early Helen says:

      Hi Katrin, yeah, I’m back, and try to keep posting on each Monday.

      That’s cool to have some flowers in the living room. I usually keep the flowers in the kitchen, as that’s where I spend more time. The flowers do cheer me up. Yeah, flower shops really do a great professional job in arranging and matching flowers. The flowers from there look so pretty.

  2. Joe says:

    I think it’s great that you buy flowers for yourself. That’s what money is for.
    I hate buying flowers, though. Sorry. 🙂
    Fortunately, we have a good excuse. Our cat nibble on the flowers and usually makes a mess. For now, I don’t have to buy flowers.
    Hopefully, my wife can buy flowers for herself when our cat isn’t a problem anymore. I like the mindset.

    • Retire Early Helen says:

      Hi Joe, you are not alone. Many guys don’t like buying flowers. Your cat is your good ally.

      To me, it’s more about cheering me up, and getting myself something nice. After work, it’s cool to see the flowers on my dining table.

  3. GYM says:

    I love flowers! They really brighten up the room. What are your favourites? Mine is peonies, roses, lilies, lilacs. They are all nice.

    The last time I got flowers was when my son was born haha, maybe my husband will get me some more with this second one. He doesn’t like to buy flowers too because they just die.

    Good reminder- a great treat for yourself- I should do this soon and get some flowers 🙂

    • Retire Early Helen says:

      Hi GYM, yeah, flowers do bring the joys. I pretty much like all types of flowers, each one is so unique, beautiful, and smells so different. The color, shape, texture of the flowers and leaves are so cool.

      I can imagine the day you folks move into your new house, with two lovely kids, beautiful flowers. Life is good.

  4. Caroline says:

    Hi Helen, I haven’t bought flowers for myself for quite a while. My oldest daughter, who works in a flower shop, buys me some once in a while. I love Gerber daisies, red or orange, and around this time; Lily of the Valley:)
    And I agree with you, treat yourself once in a while, otherwise what’s the point?
    Cheers. Caroline

    • Retire Early Helen says:

      Hi Caroline, that’s great your daughter buys flowers for you once a while. I like daisies and Lily, too. They are so pretty. Right, we got treat ourselves once a while., as we are working so hard.

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